Alongside its courses and projects, LSE regularly organises lectures and talks open to campus students as well as outside people in order to either show the work of the laboratory or introduce new concepts and technologies.

Lightning talks

Every first tuesday of the month, the LSE organises lightning talks. A lightning talk takes between 15 and 20 minutes and is a short perspective about a subject members have found interesting.

Lightning talks

LSE Week

Every year, the LSE organises a few days of conferences on work done by members and guests.

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All the videos can be downloaded via torrent:

June 2011

Lightning talks

LSE lightning talks are about introducing subjects related to the labortory problematics in 10 to 15 minutes per talk. Usually, there are 6 to 8 talks per session.

December 8th 2011

  • Implementation of a debugger on Linux (Stephane Sezer, LSE 2012): slides
  • Implementation of a GDB stub (Xavier Deguillard, LSE 2012): slides (french)
  • Anti-debugging on Linux using vm86 (Pierre Bourdon, LSE 2013): slides
  • Win32/Duqu and process code injection (Samuel Chevet, LSE 2013): slides
  • Sequential compilation and other models (David Pineau, LSE 2012): slides
  • epoll: asynchronous I/O on Linux (Pierre-Marie de Rodat, LSE 2013): slides
  • Master/Slave replication in MySQL (Louis Opter, LSE 2012): slides

October 26th 2011

  • SMP on x86 (Xavier Deguillard, LSE 2012): slides (french)
  • PCAP and network packet capture (Gabriel Laskar, LSE 2012)
  • Thread Local Storage. How does it work? (Stéphane Sezer, LSE 2012)
  • Merkle Trees and integrity check (Pierre Bourdon, LSE 2013): slides (french)
  • Anti-debugging techniques on Win32 (Samuel Chevet, LSE 2013): slides
  • SLAB allocator (Xavier Deguillard, LSE 2012): slides (french)

Misc conferences

The LSE also organises lectures on miscellanous topics in order to teach campus students the basics of some technologies related to the LSE which may not have their own class.

  • Introduction to networks (Pierre Bourdon, LSE 2013 & Stephane Sezer, LSE 2012)
  • Introduction to Python (Pierre Bourdon, LSE 2013 & Nicolas Hureau, LSE 2013 & Pierre-Marie de Rodat, LSE 2013): slides
  • To conclude the kooc course, Thomas Sanchez (LSE 2012) gave a lecture on C++ internals: slides