LSE Summer Week - July 14 - July 15 2017

Lieu et plan d'accès

Amphithéâtre 4, EPITA, 24 rue Pasteur, 94276 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.

Transports en commun : métro 7 (station Porte d'Italie), bus 47/125/131/185/186 (station Roger Salengro-Fontainebleau).

Plan d'accès

Friday 14

Introducing the LSE Week



How to Cluster (at Very Large Scale) a set of malware for fun & profit? - Alexandre Letois

14h00 14h45

Malware are now produced at an industrial rate and all of them cannot be analysed manually. Machine learning can be used as an answer to this problem. ViralStudio is a project, where we try to automatically detect similar malwares. This detection is made at a very large scale, to fit with real world restrictions. Youtube

Grokking FPGA clock management - Philémon Gardet & Jean-François Nguyen

15h00 15h20

Among the signals flowing in a FPGA, those about clocks require a particular treatment to enable efficient distribution. FPGA includes some specifics mechanisms, synthesizers impose design constraints which strongly influences implementations. However what happens if we choose to play with these constraints? Slides Youtube

Kprobes internals - Thomas Bitzberger

15h30 15h50

Kernel probes are a Linux mechanism to instrument kernel functions, mainly for debugging and tracing purpose. Let's take an in-depth look at how they are implemented and how they can be optimized on the x86 architecture. Slides Youtube

Code sandboxing - Alpha Abdoulaye & Pierre Marsais

16h30 17h15

Code sandboxing solutions already exist in order to limit usage of system resources. This however doesn't fulfill every potential needs: for instance one may need to limit usage of external code, such as calls to shared libraries' functions. We will see two approaches to solve this problem: using virtualisation, and ELF trickery. Slides Youtube

When gdb is not enough - Paul Semel & Kevin Tavukciyan

17h30 17h50

During this talk, we'll first see how the DWARF format works and how to get data from it. We'll then see how we can use it for multiple fun usages. Slides Youtube

Live test 20ish student's Linux kernel assignment - Antoine Damhet & Philémon Gardet

18h00 18h20

How to implement a CI with tools like Patchwork, celery, Jenkins or Lava in order to ease a students assignment reviews. Slides Youtube

Virgl3D: 3D acceleration on Windows - Nathan Gauër

18h30 18h50

Windows guests on QEMU miss something pretty important: some 3D acceleration. Let's see how we could use Virgl3D to enable some basic OpenGL on a Windows guest. Slides Youtube



Saturday 15

Dropping legacy devices in Qemu - Gabriel Laskar

14h00 14h45

Qemu emulation for legacy devices on x86 is fat, old and ugly.
Can we build a Qemu machine without all this legacy devices?
What could possibly go wrong? Slides Youtube

My BSD sucks less than yours - Baptiste Daroussin & Antoine Jacoutot

15h00 15h45

This talk will look at some of the differences between the FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems. It is not intended to be solely technical but will also show the different "visions" and design decisions that rule the way things are implemented. It is expected to be a subjective view from two BSD developers and does not pretend to represent these projects in any way.
We don't want it to be a troll talk but rather a casual and friendly exchange while nicely making fun of each other like we would do over a drink. Of course, we shall try and hit where it hurts when that makes sense. Obviously, we both have our personal subjective preferences and we will explain why. Showing some of the weaknesses may encourage people to contribute in some areas.
Most of the topics discussed here could warrant their own talk and as such some may not get the deep analysis they deserve.
This is a totally biased presentation from two different perspectives. Slides Youtube

From gcc to clang: waaaaat? - Marc Espie

16h15 17h00

Where trying to build the OpenBSD full ports tree with a clang/libc++ combination unearths a completely unprecedented pile of camel smelly poo that makes you go WAAAT. Some interesting tidbits may hide among the insanity of it all. Slides Youtube

Doom on the 'k' kernel - Antoine Damhet

17h15 17h35

Can we port doom on a toy kernel used for courses ? yes
Should we ? probably not Slides Youtube

How to make money with the blockchain using your idle graphic cards - - Stanislas Girard, Pierre Dalzotto & Axel Ottin

17h40 18h00

Story of Three Students trying to make some side money.
We will focus on our personnal experiences with mining. The errors that we've encountered and what we did to improve our revenue. Slides Youtube

Casually talking with my car - Stanislas Lejay

18h15 19h00

Lots of research are arising from the fairly unexplored world of automative communications.
Cars are no longer becoming computers, they are fully connected networks where every ECU exchanges and operates the vehicles at some point.
Here is an introduction of my immersion and discussions with… my car. Slides Youtube

Rump Session

19h00 20h00