The LSE gives EPITA and EPITECH students a series of courses on lab related topics.



K is an introductory course on kernel programming for third-year EPITA students.

This course objective is to develop an x86 toy kernel with capabilities similar to an arcade computer. The kernel is able to perform basic hardware handling (syscalls, timer, keyboard, etc) and to launch games (ELF binaries).

Link to the course website: site

Operating Systems And Computer Architecture

This course is split into 2 parts, an introductory course about Operating systems, and an Assembly Language and Computer Architecture course. This is for third-year EPITA students.

Link to the materials: materials

Software development security

This is an introductory course to the Security of Development for ING1 students, followed by an elective with more advanced material.

Link to the introductory course slides (2022/04/07)

Link to the advanced course slides (2022/04/07)

Technological Harmonisation in System Computing

This workshop is a scale-up training to ensure skill development of system and security computing essentials, needed by technical majors (GISTRE and SRS).

Link to the course page: course

Security Workshop

The security workshop is a crash course about basic vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques, with small exercises to practice exploitation on.

Link to the materials: slides ctf


The rootme is a security exercise where people are connected on a computer using ssh, and they are presented with classical security holes (buffer overflows, race conditions, broken suid scripts, etc) and must exploit them to get to the next level.

Link to the rootme website: site (Down)

PLC challenge

January 28 presentation of Coach Marc Espie

Link to the presentation: slides

Recruitment assignments

As part of our recruiting process, we give each year an assigment to the third year students interested in joining the laboratory. Their topics are linked to the lab’s problematics and are generally system related.


KOOC : Kind Of Objective C


This 60h course is teached to third-year students at EPITECH. KOOC is an overlay adding object-oriented constructs to C, making it look a bit like Objective-C. Students have to understand how the object-oriented paradigm works, and then have to implement a KOOC to C compiler using codeworker and the CNORM frontend.