LSE Winter Days 2021
November 6th - November 7th

Announcement of the LSE November 2021

Every year around mid-july the LSE organizes the LSE Summer Week, a series of conferences in slots of 45 minutes. Due to Covid-19, we postpone the event this winter. The schedule is yet to be determined, however, the conferences will be held in amphitheater 401, 5th floor, Voltaire building, at Kremlin Bicêtre.

The goal is to present the different projects and technological discoveries made by the students and the staff of the laboratory during the past year, as well as by people external to the laboratory.

These conferences are open to all, including externals, so do not hesitate to come!

A health pass and masks are required to attend the event.

However, if you can not attend, the event will be streamed, recorded and made available for viewing shortly after.

The detailed schedule will be available soon.

Call for papers

As noted above, we gladly accept external speakers.

The themes are:

  • System
  • Security
  • Language
  • Any other technical subject related (low level, debugging tools, etc.)

The conferences should last 20 or 45 minutes. For longer subjects, it will be possible to split it in several conferences.

Practical information:

The submissions deadline is Monday, October 24, 2021 (2021-10-24). These are by mail to:

A submission must contain:

  • A title
  • One or two paragraphs explaining your topic
  • A choice of length (20’, 45’, or more)
  • Any additional interesting information (demonstrations, videos, etc.)