Rathaxes is a language for “code once, compile everywhere” device drivers development. Basically, it means that the developper writes the behavior of the hardware once. It will then be turned into calls to the kernel API targeted by the compiler.

A majority of currently used OS are developped using C, and so are their kernel APIs, therefore it is the ouput language for Rathaxes. The abstraction layer is done at the language level, and not in the generated C. Output code might look as if it was hand-written by a developper.

Using an internal template library, the compiler is able to translate its generic representation into a OS specific code. The ability to extend this template library enables Rathaxes to provide a driver environment for any OS which has been implemented.

Rathaxes is available on Google Code. It is developped as part of an EPITECH Innovative Project by LSE students.

A proof of concept was presented at the RMLL 2008 and at the T-DOSE 2008. The current goal is to provide a fully working prototype.